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The Rise of the Nano Influencer

3 reasons why you as a brand should be utilising nano-influencers and all they have to offer

These days the thought process for which marketing tools to use is pretty straight forward, launching a new campaign? Influencers. Introducing a new product range? Influencers.

Influencers have now become the new norm for most brands, and they are here to stay. With the market now being so saturated, it’s important to look for different strategies when it comes to influencer marketing. Most brands are still looking to big names and high following to promote their products or services and yes, this is still valid but even more so, the impact influencers have on their following is now a crucial part of how brands can create relationships with their consumers. The answer is simple; nano-influencers. This tier of influencers, ranging from 1,000 – 5,000 followers, are now having a bigger impact on their audience and brands need to get on board.


Here are 3 reasons why you should be utilising this niche community of influencers:

1. Authenticity, Loyalty and Trust

These are three of the most important words for any brand when working with an influencer. Nano-influencers have dedicated their time to building strong connections with their audience; they spend time replying to comments, replying to DMs and therefore build a real sense of community. From this, these creators don’t want to let their audience down so are wary not to collaborate with any brand that does not match their niche. Keeping the trust and loyalty between each party is the priority.

2. Brand-influencer match up

Nano-influencers tend to have a specific niche that they create their content around and with this comes the followers who want to know all about this category. Brand partnerships can therefore be more targeted knowing you are reaching potential customers. For example, take nano-influencer @tanesaluvluv below, she focuses on body confidence and natural hair and therefore the brands she has been partnering with reflect just that, natural hair products and lingerie for curvy girls. Most of her followers will be coming to her for her advice in these areas and trust her with recommendations.

3. Higher engagement rates

According to Statista (2020), at 4.4%, nano-influencers have double the engagement rate than those with over 1 million followers. With invested, loyal follower’s engagement rate makes a huge difference to the reach of a post as well, the higher the engagement rate the higher the reach and thus, more potential customers. Essentially you are paying way less for what could be a much more efficient strategy.

Overall nano-influencers have their own way of creating personalised content and they are trusted by their community. They put time and effort into their content and will advocate for products/services which they feel will benefit them and their audience. Just like the brand they are working with; they are looking to grow too. This is where building a strong relationship will become an advantage for both parties, as they grow they will continue to advocate for your brand until eventually they are associated with it.

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