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As we approach the end of the year, it's been exciting to look back on the innovations and trends that have shaped 2022 in the social media stratosphere. It almost feels like a lifetime ago that the metaverse was just a mere concept shrouded in mystery. Fast forward to today, a large portion of consumers are interacting with multiple aspects of the metaverse in a variety of different ways nearly weekly, if not daily. Consumers are also engaging with plenty of new features and innovations on social media platforms: from AI filters to new closed-door community apps such as BeReal and Geneva. We have also finally entered an era where people of all demographics are engaging with different facets of social media; whether it’s to find connections with people who share similar interests, or to challenge stereotypes in entertaining and thoughtful ways. Brands and influencers are constantly navigating territories that present new opportunities and challenges alike. We're in an exciting age of social media—one that offers its users a playground of experimentation and world building and with so much that we can learn from.

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