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#ThatGirl Is Out, #PartyGirl Is In: How Brands Can ‘Get Real’ with Influencer Marketing

Since the advent of social media – and influencers in particular – the trends cycle is constantly changing at pace and it’s not always easy for the marketing industry to keep up. The initial focus on aspirational content and feeds full of ‘highlights reels’ has given way to more raw, authentic, in-the-moment content. So how can brands keep it real with consumers and stay in tune with the cultural aesthetics driving what consumers expect from social media today?

Consumer perspective quickly shifted in the early days of the pandemic, when we saw a movement away from the beautifully filtered beach shots flooding Instagram feeds, towards the realistic and unfiltered aesthetic championed by the TikTok community. At the time, it was something consumers could relate to – and content that reflected the current sentiment of the nation attracted far more interest and engagement as TikTok quickly became the most downloaded app of 2020.

More recently, we have seen Instagram follow closely in these footsteps moving over to full screen vertical video, further promoting short-form video content that’s more real-time entertaining and playful, rather than the pristine, still imagery the app was originally based on.

Sarah Erickson, client services director at ITB Worldwide writes for LBB Online to explore what marketers need to know about the anti-perfection vibe shift and shares three tips for brands on how to create better informed strategies and relevant creative that resonates and feels more authentic:

  1. Stay informed
  2. Keep it relevant
  3. Size isn’t everything

Read the full article here in LBB Online for more:

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