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TALENT TO WATCH: Women Making Waves

We are excited to launch a brand-new blog series, ‘Talent To Watch’ where we will be spotlighting talent we’ve worked with and who you should be keeping an eye on. This week’s theme is ‘Women Who are Making Waves’, highlighting some independent strong women who are making a difference and using their platform to educate, empower and just look fabulous.

Enam Asiama

Campaign: UGG EMEA SS21

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Enam Asiama is a plus-size who identifies as a ‘Black Fat Queer Femme’ with a mission to work with various brands within the fashion, lifestyle and beauty sectors, creating more diverse representation through her advocacy for marginalised bodies. Her identity was influenced by her Ghanaian heritage and the London Queer scene. Through her work she aims to speak up for injustice on more global platforms, leave more of a mark through her own fashion/beauty collections and finally provide more alternatives of educating the world about her and others like her experiences.

Nyome Nicholas-Williams

Campaign: Budweiser, Earth Day

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Nyome or Curvy Nyome is a plus-size model who’s also known for her advocacy of several social causes, the most prominent being her stance against Instagram’s community guidelines after a nearly-naked image she posted was censored on the platform. Nyome was quick to raise awareness stating, ‘If thin, white models can post nearly naked photos on Instagram, why can’t I,’ (Thred, 2020). Nyome, along with her community of committed and loyal followers, caused such an uproar that the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, acknowledged that a reassessment of the algorithm was needed and the Instagram nude policy has since been changed. Nyome continues to use her platform to raise awareness for the many other issues with Instagram policies, with the hopeful outcome of a full policy change for the platform.

Ellie Goldstein

Campaign: MAC Love Me

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Ellie has always wanted to be famous, she tells Allure, something she can now say she is due to her efforts of ensuring greater representation in the modelling world. As a British model with Down-Syndrome, Ellie is using her platform to raise awareness around her disability and the importance of having better representation for the disabled community. She continues to spread love and joy through all her work and even at 18 years old has been featured in Vogue Italia with her partnership with Gucci and on the covers of Elle, Glamour and more. Big things are sure to come for Ellie, so watch this space…

Char Ellesse

Campaign: MAC Love Me

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Char identifies as an ‘unapologetic queer black woman’ and has most definitely made waves from very early on in her career as a content creator. Growing up, Elle was always androgenous in her dress sense, and from that started her fashion blog ‘Girls Will Be Boys’ in 2017. Since then, Elle has adapted her platform to reach further audiences, delving into modern ideas of gender roles and helping people find a place for self-discovery. She continues to use her social platform to educate and raise awareness for issues of marginalisation such as the BLM movement, but more than that emphasises she is more than her marginalisation, she is a real person with real feelings and reminds her followers that they are too.

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