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This months Talent To Watch focuses on 'The Creator', those who are using their platform to spread love and joy for the things that they do best; be that music, makeup or dance.

Ellis Atlantis

Campaign: YouTube Shorts x The Weeknd

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A post shared by NETFLIX/BBC GLOW UP WINNER (@ellis_atlantis)

Drag Queen, social media superstar and winner of BBC’s Glow Up, Ellis Atlantis is the creative inspo we all need in our lives. With an endless feed of awe-inspiring content, Ellis never fails to create new, colourful and bold looks for their community of loyal followers. Ellis recently told Notion Magazine that their love for makeup became a way for them to truly understand who they are and who they want to be, that makeup was a chance for them to use creativity to express their individuality and their true self.

Working with Ellis on the YouTube Shorts campaign confirmed to us that their creativity is endless, we are on the edge of our seats waiting to see what look is next – it will probably blow our minds…


Campaign: Oxygen Banking Influencer Launch

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Multifaceted artist and creator Nezza aka @babynezza flexes her creative skills in everything she does – from exploring dance, style and comedic content across the surfaces of Instagram to taking her fans behind the scenes of her career as a Latin Pop musician.

Her work with us and Oxygen Banking reflected just that by creating an engaging lifestyle video that captures and celebrates the freedom and expression the fintech brand has brought to her life. She certainly exceeds her status as ‘one to watch’!

Julian Deguzman

Campaign: YouTube Shorts x The Weeknd

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A post shared by Julian DeGuzman (@juliandeguz13)

After moving to LA at 15 to pursue his dream career in dance, Julian has since become a teacher and uses his experiences to choreograph unique and challenging routines for his students. Alongside his TV debuts on shows such as The Ellen Show and Saturday Night Live, he has also taught his routines worldwide and even danced with some of the biggest stars in the industry including Daddy Yankee and Mariah Carey.

His creativity in his dance did not go amiss when working on the YouTube Shorts campaign, creating an awe-inspiring dance routine to The Weeknd’s new track ‘Take My Breath’. Julian uses his platform to spread joy through his love of dance and we have to say, its definitely working!

Donté Colley

Campaign: Pandora ME

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A post shared by Donté Colley (@donte.colley)

In 2019 when the pandemic hit, Donté was the breath of fresh air we all needed. By combining his love of dancing (which is self-taught btw?!) and his kindness, he used his platform to share regular light-hearted content to spread love and joy amongst his followers. Before long Donté was appearing in Ariana Grande videos and dancing on Good Morning America with The New York Times referring to him as “the hope we need on Instagram”.

Thanks to this uproar in press and excitement around Donté, we were able to find his uplifting content and knew straight away that he represented all the values surrounding the #PandoraME campaign. We were not wrong. Donté brought not only his creative flare but his contagious kindness and his personal touch to the creatives for the campaign. At only 23, Donté has made his mark in the industry.

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