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Shadow banning is silencing crucial content creators – here’s how to get around it

It’s important for social media platforms to have restrictions in place to protect creators and their audiences – but not to such an extent that it silences the voices that matter. For The Drum's Content Marketing in Focus, Aaron King (senior account director, ITB Worldwide) shared three approaches that could help ensure that sensitive yet educational content doesn’t fall foul of the algorithm.

Platforms need to look left and right instead of having a laser focus. There has to be a way for these social media platforms to understand who is routinely creating valuable content so that they don’t automatically block that content. Moderation is still key to this – but perhaps there could be alternative tools in place to do so. Aaron suggests three ways this could work:

1. ‘Send to moderator’ button

2. Extension of the blue tick verification model

3. Self-moderation options

More and more, we are seeing brands tackle taboo subjects in their advertising efforts to be diverse and inclusive – it’s about time the platforms moved with the times too.

Read the full article here on The Drum to learn more.

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