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How brands can engage hard to reach audiences through celebrity and sports

Great marketing is shaped by culture, and culture is shaped by people. Sport is a consistent cultural phenomenon around the world, bringing individuals and communities together for a moment in time, reinforcing a sense of belonging and purpose. Both brands and celebrities have a unique role to play in that, and it doesn’t hurt that live sports are considered the most DVR-proof programming out there.

There’s no denying the power of sporting events in providing an international platform for brands to reach large audiences. With the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar around the corner and NFL kicking off the season with its ‘It Feels Good to Football’ ad as Super Bowl fever starts to sweep across the US, brand marketers and agencies will be looking at how to activate on and off the pitch around these, and other, milestone events in the sporting calendar.

In our latest piece for The Drum, Brian Wedl, senior director at ITB Worldwide explores the shifting demographics and viewing habits of sport and how the celebrity tactic can help brands break through the clutter to reach audiences.

Read the full piece here in The Drum >>>

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