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Gen-Z crave digital communities & connections - here's how brands can give it to them

Crystal Malachias, global growth and development director at ITB Worldwide, explores the impact of next-gen closed-door communication apps (and the role of creators and influencers within them), and shares advice for brands on how to join the conversation.

Digital connectivity plays a vital role in keeping people connected; after all, 77% of global internet users say that the most important group they’re part of operates online. Gen Z, in particular, crave community and connection more than ever and are using the collective power of digital communities to create a kinder, safer, more welcoming internet for all.

Collective action is inspiring new modes of communication and brands must consider their cultural relevance in these spaces to create a sense of belonging that young audiences crave.

Dive into our latest piece for The Drum to learn how social apps with communities at their hearts, like Twitch and Discord, are inspiring collective planning, thinking and doing:

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