JBL Quantum

Awareness and Equity in Gaming

JBL released its gaming headset line, Quantum, in May 2020 in an effort to reach a new segment of audio consumers. To drive awareness and give the headset credibility in the crowded category of gaming audio. ITB was tasked with building authentic relationships with three professional gamers to be North America regional ambassadors.

Influencers Give Credibility To New Product

ITB procured widely popular Twitch streamer, SypherPK, Call of Duty pro turned full-time Twitch streamer TeePee, and pro Overwatch and Valorant superstar Sinatraa, to be the faces of JBL Quantum in the gaming community. Each talent hosted their own sponsored stream to launch to partnership, which was amplified over six months through logo placements and product integration on their streams and ongoing social content.

Media Value

Foundational Brand Affinity Established

Through daily brand and product exposure on stream and in social content, each talent has developed strong brand affinity with JBL Quantum over the six month campaign. The program has been extended through the 2021 calendar year with the potential to add more talent and unique activation tactics.