YouTube Shorts

Driving Awareness for the Launch of YouTube Shorts

ITB were given the objective of generating awareness for YouTube Shorts global ad campaign in collaboration with The Weeknd. The 30-second “anthem spot” that started by playing The Weeknd’s “Take My Breath” inside the YouTube mobile app and shows users how to tap the “Create” button in order to take that song and put it into your own Short.

ITB activated a variety of high reaching talent to deliver social videos – that were authentic to their own channel – with the purpose of driving users to create YouTube Shorts with the soundtrack as The Weeknd’s “Take My Breath”.

Entertaining & Creative tap to “Create” Videos

ITB produced a casting list of 150 high quality and on-brief creators within 48 hours. The end result amounted to a finalised list of 8 creators from parkour athletes to dancers who were then secured and tasked to create creative 60 second videos alongside 15” cut down version of the edit. The talent put their own personal spin on how to create YouTube Shorts videos that were highly entertaining to consume in order to successfully encourage their audiences to participate in all the fun.

All creators went above what was asked of them leading – no re-films were needed. The content was not only published on creators’ own channels across Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Shorts, but also pulled together into a compilation video that was then used as a YouTube Shorts advert for the brand.

Viral Content That Got Everyone Moving

The integrated effort exceeded content performance goals due to a mix of strong Creator talent and an engaging use of owned platforms. Both total impressions and total engagements went beyond target, with impressions 59% above target and engagements 15 % above target. The creators again went beyond what was asked of them, producing extra content and re-sharing the YouTube Shorts ad on their own channels.

Total Reach
Total Impressions
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