UGG EMEA + Global

Rebuilding Iconic Brand Status and Purpose 

UGG appointed ITB to develop and build a perception shifting and creative influencer strategy to lead their global narrative-led content strategy ‘FEEL’ to position the brand at the heart culture and elevate UGG’s core values and status as an iconic premium footwear and lifestyle brand amongst Gen Z.

Creative Influencer Strategy with Credible Fashion + Lifestyle Talent

ITB took a multi-faceted and multi-tiered approach building a rich tapestry of talent – within the creative and fashion communities – who each bring their own unique personality and provocative style reinforcing UGG’s long-standing purpose of refusing to be defined by convention. Influencers from fashion-forward florist Ruby Barber from Mary Lennox to of-the-moment music artists such as Peggy Gou, Joy Crookes and NYANE created assortment of in-home as well as out of home content including a live series, Q&As, how to style, debut performance content and more to truly elevate the UGG from being considered solely a footwear to becoming recognised as a holistic and 360 lifestyle brand. Content produced for #UGGFEEL brought the brand’s values to the forefront re-igniting passion for UGG globally.

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Brand Heat + Global Digital Footfall

With collections selling out faster than anticipated, UGG has made a significant mark in the fashion space. The campaign has contributed towards catalysing a global social movement and hype around fluffy slippers and boots and many others posting similar content around the creative ‘FEEL’ to join the collective.