Driving conversation around the FLUFF Collection with Tastemakers

ITB was tasked to secure for tastemakers and develop an influencer strategy, casting and campaign management for the next instalment of UGG’s #FEELYOU Spring Summer 2021 campaign. The program was designed to drive conversation around the key FLUFF franchise, position the FLUFF product as a versatile indoor-outdoor slipper and raise overall perception of the brand.

Celebrates the Power of Individuality and Style through Leading Tastemakers

ITB secured 13 multi-hyphenate creatives whose voices and unique style embodied UGG’s bold, free-spirited, provocative and optimistic brand values. The micro and mid-tier influencers created photo and short form video assets featuring the FLUFF products. Talent included plus-size influencer Jessica Torres, actress and model Jillian Mercado, rapper and director TT the Artist, professional soccer player Sarah Gorden, creative directors Young Emperors and style coach and fashion magazine founder Allen Onyia.

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Establishing FLUFF as a Must-Have Item of the Season

The campaign was covered in Popsugar and Stylecaster. Talent content was leveraged across social media and UGG channels including its TikTok channel which was launched with this collection. Talent overdelivered on content and received positive feedback from audiences who signified purchase intent. The campaign continued UGG’s mission of promoting the “FEEL YOU” messaging and establishing the brand as a fashion leader.