The Body Shop #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting

Inspiring Action and Pioneering Change

ITB together with Cruelty Free International were engaged to amplify The Body Shop’s “Forever Against Animal Testing” anthem and catalyze a global social movement end animal testing worldwide through an organic social campaign designed to drive awareness and participation from their collective following.

Next-Gen Influencers in Music and Fashion feature alongside Global Stars

ITB identified and secured Talent were selected based on the values they hold which align with those of The Body Shop, making their alliance with the brand and the cause genuine, organic and authentic. Talent secured included Maisie Williams, Kelly Osborne, Jhené Aiko, Adrien Grenier, Ariel Winter, Gemma Chan, Bar Rafaeli, Dalal and Megababy were among those that ITB engaged to join the movement, donning their “bunny ears” on their social channels to show their support for the cause. To create a global movement, talent used  the “bunny ears” call to action in their images to further create awareness and participation for the cause.

Total Combined Follower Reach
Petition Signatures
New Followers on @bodyshop Instagram Account

Global Reach in the Media

The talent posts helped to generate a huge amount of momentum for the initiative and thousands of earned and organic posts from consumers and influencers around the world. The campaign achieved the 8 Million signatures required to bring the petition to the UN to request an international convention banning global cosmetics testing on animals permanently.