Samsung Germany: Do What You Can't

Using Storytelling to Showcase Samsung Products

The #DoWhatYouCant campaign showcased, through storytelling, how various Samsung products perfectly mould into your everyday lifestyle, enhancing your day-to-day experiences. To do this, we secured 8x German multi-faceted creators onto the campaign, rolling content out across Instagram (carousels, reels & stories) and TikTok.

Cross-Platform For Maximum Exposure

Our 8x influencers were tasked with adapting the campaign message into their own narrative. We worked closely with all influencers to bring their personalities to the forefront of their content. Working cross-platform enabled the products to be showcased in different ways and targeted multiple communities and consumer groups, maximising exposure of Samsung’s products.

Total Unique Reach
Total Video Views
Pieces of Content

Video Content Takes The Lead

The content produced really showcased the versatility of the products, tailoring the different uses to the different narratives and needs of the creator. Video led content (TikTok & Reels) performed particularly well, providing entertaining and engaging pieces to highlight the key functions and benefits of selected products. Rebecca Mir, generated 720.2K views on her reel content, achieving a video engagement rate of 72%.

Overall, the campaign achieved some great results, including an overall unique reach of 2.5M, total reel views of 1.7M, total TikTok views of 677.9K and over-delivering on content pieces by 11%.