River Island x Danny Lomas

Driving awareness for the Men's Smart collection

River Island ‘s Smart Menswear Campaign focused on supporting peak smart sales through driving brand awareness. To create hype around the launch, ITB were given the task of  securing a true multi-hyphenate talent with regional appeal and cultural credibility. Talent needed to also speak to audiences with interests in different facets of culture from music and TV to dance, fitness, fashion, wellness and more.

Suit up!

After two initial rounds of casting containing a total of 51 potential names, ex-YouTuber, model and fashion influencer Danny Lomas was secured. Danny has established himself as one of the UK’s most in demand and best dressed male influencers. Mostly known for his inherently British, dandy-esque looks, making him instantly recognisable to many. Through skilled negotiations, Danny was secured within budget for all required deliverables and extensive usage.

Cumulative Reach
Unique Reach

A well executed campaign and a happy client

As River Island’s top talent preference, securing Danny Lomas meant the client vision for the campaign could really come to life. Danny’s professionalism and flexibility enabled a smooth end-to-end campaign process, resulting in River Island remaining happy throughout. Overall, the final assets aligned perfectly with the initial strategy and campaign concept and we received amazing client feedback.