Launching a Global Campaign to bring REVLON’s Values to the Forefront

ITB was enlisted to support REVLON’s global launch campaign of the new PhotoReady Candid collection by creating an influencer layer of diverse and strong women to amplify the brand’s messaging ‘I CAN. SO I DID.’

Identifying and Securing Authentic and Inspiring Females Who Defy The Odds

ITB identified, cast and secured an ensemble of inspirational female influencers who could creatively bring to life the #ICanSoIDid messaging and the brand’s values to the forefront. Out of the 10 influencers secured, a few names from the group include American track and field sprinter Allyson Felix, American singer and actress Ryan Destiny and sabre fencer Ibtihaj Muhammed – the first woman to wear a hijab whilst competing for the United States in the Olympics. All of the influencers posted on Instagram with their own #ICanSoIDid messages to encourage their followers to share proud moments/stories with passion, optimism, strength and style as well as to take part in a sweepstake that provided amazing opportunities for budding make up artists.

Total Combined Follower Reach
Total Likes
Avg. Engagement Rate

High Engagement and Positive Sentiment

Influencers’ content encouraged authentic and relatable conversations and self-expression express themselves with passion, optimism, strength that resulted in over 1 million likes and reached over 4.5 million people.