Paddy Power

Finding Engaging + Humorous Talent for Paddy Power

After the success of 2019’s Paddy Power campaign featuring Rhodri Giggs, ITB was asked to cast and recruit the UK’s most loved Drag Queens, and continues to support creative agency partner VCCP with talent procurement across Paddy Power campaigns.

UK's favourite Drag Queens Team Up with Paddy Power Bingo for Comedic "Guess or Drag it Out"

ITB recruited the UK’s most loved Drag Queens to star in a 30-second ad and an epic 5-hour film for this year’s “Guess or Drag it out” campaign giving customers the chance to win a Mini Cooper. The ensemble of drag queens secured included RuPaul’s Drag Race UK stars Baga Chipz, Vinegar Strokes, Crystal, Sum Ting Wong, Tayce, Asttina Mandella and Divina De Campo. For the week-long competition, customers were asked to correctly guess how many bingo balls could fit inside the Mini Cooper for a chance to win. Contestants were also offered an alternative to guessing, whereby contestants could count the balls instead, but Paddy Power Bingo will “Drag It Out”, by making contestants watch every last ball as they are placed inside the car during a 5-hour long Drag show.

Drag Queens
Bingo Balls Counted
Guesses Submitted from Viewers

Thousands of Viewers Interacting with the Competition

In total, the short 3-week campaign generated 31,287 guesses submitted from viewers resulting in 12 people correctly guessing the number of balls. The winner was announced by the wonderful Divina De Campo.