Oxygen SS21 Influencer Launch

Launching the New Brand Identity

ITB were contacted to build an influencer campaign to launch Oxygen’s new brand identity. The campaign had to be cognizant of the new look/feel of the brand whilst ensuring it was high-reach to drive awareness in a crowded marketplace.

Pushing Boundaries with Fintech Marketing

We turned fintech marketing on its head. Instead of working with traditional finance influencers, we worked with 12 creative influencers (lifestyle, fashion, design) who worked across cultural fields that appeal to the brands target audience. This was to show consumers that Oxygen is a fintech brand with its own point of view, it was built from the ground up for people like them and offers features and benefits that speak directly to them.

To guarantee success for the client we seamlessly blended organic influencer content endemic to the influencer and whitelisted it, with huge success.


Content that Creates Card Shortages

The campaign produced a huge number of impressions and created some tentpole creative moments, with one influencer, in particular, creating such inspiring content that the client ran out of cards to print.

We delivered an incredible CPM for the client which was 21% lower than the target CPM.