MILKPEP #GotMilkChallenge

Reviving the iconic ‘Got Milk?’ slogan for a New Generation

MilkPep sought to bring new energy and life into their iconic “Got Milk?” campaign that ran for many years between 1993 – 2014 by engaging Gen Z through a social media campaign on TikTok, Instagram and Twitch to generate put MilkPep at the centre of the cultural conversation.

Propelling MILKPEP into Cultural Relevance Through Content Creators

ITB procured six teen influencers and content creators including Kheris Rogers, Crissa Jackson, Jason Coffee, Michael Le, Lonnie Chavis and Jaliyah Manuel to engage and connect with their peers and other teens through the #GotMilkChallenge displaying the product front and centre in a positive and energetic way. Influencers posted primarily across Instagram and TikTok, with content natively amplified across other platforms, to drive unprecedented participation and reposition the milk industry story MilkPEP wanted to tell.

TikTok Impressions
Social Conversation Impressions
PR/Influencer Impressions

Viral Hashtag Challenge on TikTok + Instagram

The activation delivered over 70MM+ video views across owned and influencer content, beating brand benchmarks based on previous year’s performance. It generated 384K+ got milk? related social mentions, more than any prior brand campaign, and saw more than 4,000 #gotmilkchallenge videos.