Influencing SoCal Residents to try McDonald’s McCafe Cold Brew

Drive awareness to SoCal residents and influence them to try McDonald’s McCafe Cold Brew, supporting its expansion into McDonald’s on a national scale. SoCal was one of the first regions to receive Cold Brew In McDonald’s stores, so the goal was to encourage as many people as possible to try Cold Brew for McDonalds to get an Initial read on market response.

Tapping Tastemakers to Create "Choose Your Own Adventure" Style Content

ITB cast and secured influencers in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Inland Empire who were tastemakers and leaders in the Hispanic, Asian and Black communities and had affinity with the brand.

We creatively tasked influencers to approach content creation in the style of “Choose Your Own Adventure” format where we gave them three different creative themes to choose from and make their own.

Themes Included “Spring’s Hottest Accessory, “Taurus Szn/Treat Yourself,” and “A New Kind of Happy Hour.” Creating different creative avenues for the Influencers ensured they would create content that feels relevant and specific to their audience, while also finding a fun way to weave in key McDonalds messaging.

Hispanic, Asian and Black Tastemakers

The digital influencers were micro to macro in size and spanned themes of comedy, fashion/street style, business owners and moms to create social conversation that increase popularity of the product…basically, showing that anyone and everyone needs a Cold Brew pick-me-up.

To further guarantee we geotarget the right audience, we implemented paid media that served ads to hyperlocal communities within Southern California.