Marantz 70th Anniversary

Celebrating 7 decades of Musical Excellence

To celebrate Marantz turning 70 on July 10th 2023, the brand knew they wanted to host an event that could really engage its community again, inspire its audience with the unrivalled sounds Marantz takes ownership of and celebrate the 7 decades of its musical excellence. Where better than in the city of its founding, New York. Marantz identified influencers as the perfect gateway to raise awareness around its 70th Anniversary, as well as providing the opportunity to create buzz and excitement around the event venue, with a public opening of their anniversary exhibit happening on 12th July 2023.

Influencers Attend the 70th Anniversary Exhibit in New York

ITB successfully identified and secured 10 influencers to attend it’s New York celebrations, taking place at Spring Studios. The influencers were asked to showcase the anniversary exhibit first hand, as well as promote the public opening of the exhibit on July 12th to their NYC based followers. Our selected influencers sat across various luxury adjacent verticals such as music, fashion, real estate and tech, to enable the content produced to inspire and resonate with their audiences around Marantz and how its products build into aspects of lifestyle.

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Advocacy and Content Beyond Expectations

Content was over delivered by 66% due to influencers going above and beyond their contracted deliverables, capturing as much of the event activities as possible. This was clear indication of the influencers truly being immersed in the brand and displaying true advocacy for Marantz.

A campaign highlight was our team securing Solange Knowles as an attendee. She attended both day and evening events and it was clear she fully immersed herself with Marantz, asking for an additional audio demo session to hear her own unreleased music on a Marantz stereo. Additionally, this partnership provided added value and further opportunity for Marantz to collaborate with her on another venture.

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