Look Alert with Amelia Dimoldenberg and Lucozade Alert

Comedic interviewer reaching a Gen Z audience

Agency client Adam & Eve DDB requested the services of ITB to cast and source a leading female celebrity talent for their Lucozade Alert ‘Vox Pop’ style interview social content series – titled Look Alert. They wanted a comedic interviewer who resonated with a Gen Z audience and tasked ITB with finding the perfect fit to promote the new Lucozade Alert caffeinated beverage.

Leaning on experience to get the most of a campaign

Keeping our finger on the pop culture pulse, amongst a target audience of Gen Z’ers, ITB looked no further than leading digital content creator and YouTube series ‘Chicken Shop Date’ and ‘Cooking with Amelia’ star, Amelia Dimoldenberg. ITB negotiated that this social only campaign would run across the brand and talent’s own channels, leaning on the creativity and expertise in celebrity talent procurement to increase rights across multiple social platforms.


TikTok continues to reign supreme

The Lucozade Alert campaign achieved a global reach of over 1 million, highlighting the sheer popularity of Amelia and her channels. Engagements reached highs of 55K across her platforms, 45% of which are Gen Z, showcasing exactly how highly engaged they are with Amelia’s content. ITB advised Lucozade to play to Amelia’s strengths and to her recommendation of replicating the content on one of her most engaged channels which is TikTok. This turned out to be the most engaged post of all her content across channels.