Driving Authentic Messaging + Reach for Livinguard

The objective for this project was to position Livinguard masks as the expert and essential product for high-performance athletes and fitness enthusiasts. ITB was tasked to leverage influence and credibility across the talent ecosystem for the brand in order to drive awareness and cultivate empowering and authentic content for the brand to achieve their target KPI reach of  1.125M.

Fitness as More than the Gym but a Way of Life

To position Livinguard as the go-to for all sports and fitness regimes, we identified and engaged a diverse range of talent across a breadth of focus markets – expanding the generic prototype of a ‘fitness influencer’. Creating an inclusive campaign meant identifying people where fitness was more than stepping inside a gym, but a way of life. This saw us cast dancers, parkour athletes, Paralympian athletes, female rugby world champions, snowboarders, weightlifters and yogi’s amongst others. Through our authority and expertise in fitness or sports, we successful engaged a minimum of 3 talent per territory who have previously communicated about mask wearing and covid, as well as have a minimum engagement of 3.5%.

Pieces of Content
Total Impressions
Avg. Engagement Rate

Creating an Impactful Moment

We managed to help position Livinguard a trusted and reputable mask brand internationally. The reach we achieved for the brand was 4x more than what the client asked for