IHOP Loyalty Launch

Announcing a new loyalty programme

Our partner, DeVries Global, came to us looking for talent to partake in the launch of IHOP’s new loyalty program. The idea was to create an “International Bank of Pancakes”, where the currency is “PanCoins” and consumers can collect this form of currency to use towards free pancakes. Hero talent, “team captains”, along with supporting talent were tasked with spreading the joy through promoting the new bank and donating to charities of their choice.

Securing culturally relevant talent

Securing talent was no easy feat. Originally we secured Niecy Nash and Andrew Whitworth as our hero talent, with Katelyn Ohashi as support. While negotiating, Andrew unexpectedly pulled out and despite this last minute change, we were able to secure former American footballer, Emmitt Smith as our second “team captain”. We worked with talent teams to make all service days a success, even with having to reschedule a production day at the last minute.

Top tier talent secured
Donated to various charities
Pancoin giveaways

Continued pancake success

Despite the ups and downs, the launch was a success and we had great media coverage on GMA, ESPN, Jimmy Kimmel, and The Real, along with multiple other outlets. We’re continuing to roll out content, and talent are continuing to help share joy through the loyalty program by posting about all of IHOP’s upcoming deals and promotions.