"Put Me In Coach" College Collective Ambassodors

While Coach is known for their heritage and signature styles, the brand looked to modernize and evolve their marketing strategy to fit their core values of self-expression, and community, sustainability and LGBTQIA+ visibility. ITB helped bring this vision to life and acquire a younger, diverse audience by creating an influencer strategy centred around college students, changemakers and leaders around the country who embodied those values.

Cultivating Students, Changemakers and Leaders Across the US

ITB created an end-to-end, year long always-on influencer campaign to create relevance within the Gen Z audience by curating a collective of American college students. Talent was selected from colleges that have a reputation for cultivating activists and that have strong athletics, liberal arts, design and fashion programs that align with our ambassador pillars – we cast 28 students who were emerging D1 athletes, aspiring activists and lawmakers, fashion creators, and campus leaders.

ITB worked one-on-one with each of the 28 creators to create a steady stream of content that felt authentic to each college student. Throughout the course of the semester, the team offered coaching and education to these creators to help them develop captivating, meaningful content that tap into various seasonal trends and brand moments.

We also took the show on the road, literally! In October and November 2022, Coach led a nationwide bus tour celebratina homecomina on several different college campuses, from LSU to FAMU to USC. ITB worked with college collective from those campuses to amplify and drive traffic to the community events, where ITB also coordinated appearances and performances from local student organizations, such as USC’s first step team, the Cardinal Divas.

Advocacy & Community Centred Around Coach's Core Value

By partnering with these students long term, we’ve also been able to see them grow their own communities and share their journeys through college with Coach by their side. Arine Kim has created a conversation about her experiences and advocacy against racism, Ben Chipman started his own podcast about navigating young adult life, and Natalia Hauser and Youssef Hasweb, studied abroad in Prague

Social Media Value