Finding talent that tell different stories

ITB were tasked to identify, procure & manage up to 24 talent to attend the BMW PGA Celebrity Pro-Am on behalf of BMW. Talent was cast from a range of disciplines across popular culture including digital content creators, celebrities and more to create social media buzz around the BMW Celebrity Pro-Am.

Introducing the 'Fam Base'

To add a new excitement element to the campaign, ITB introduced an overarching creative theme for influencers and content creators to channel their content through, which we referred to as the ‘Fam Base’. The idea behind ‘Fam Base’ was to drive engagement amongst a new or younger audience, inspiring new audiences to take up golf. The Influencers chosen had a natural affinity to golf (Tubes & Ange, Mia, Shee Sisters, Seb C-M) with a newer younger audience demographic that have consumed their content in the last few years since the golf boom of the pandemic.

Talent were also loaned cars in the run up to the event to encourage engagement and hype, sharing content regularly in their vehicles.

Total Impressions
Total Engagements

Using our expertise to cast the perfect talent

Using our cultural knowledge and data, we were able to procure talent who loved the vehicles they were loaned, and this translated to their highly engaging and detailed product-oriented content. As a result, a few of the selected talent went above and beyond with the deliverables and exceeded the original ask, specifically with IG stories.