Aldi Christmas 2020

Influencing Consumers to Shop with Aldi for for an #AmazingAldiChristmas

To position Aldi as a leading supermarket for great value offerings, ITB were tasked to develop a creative influencer strategy and campaign, #AmazingAldiChristmas, that celebrates the festive season – given a challenging year – at a low point across food, crafting, interior, and lifestyle categories to inspire followers to shop with Aldi.

Activating Micro + Macro Influencers to Produce Captivating Creative Content 

ITB built a creative and inspirational programme that encouraged influencers and their followers to get creative for Christmas with Aldi products on a small budget. ITB secured over 40 UK influencers with influencers ranging from chefs, to recipe developers, mummy bloggers and home interior renovators, who could inspire their followers and prospective UK consumers to shop Aldi. Influencers created engaging content across Instagram In-feed and stories, sharing personal recipes, gifting ideas, wreath making, advent calendar making, home makeovers and much more creating a truly celebratory campaign that brought people together for Christmas despite the climate and social circumstances.

Total Impressions
New User E-Commerce Sessions
Cost Per Engagement

Captivating Content + Sense of Community

The campaign successfully brought Aldi’s value and quality to the forefront through influencer generated captivating content that was rich, trend-driven content and embodied a flair of personality and authenticity from each influencer that ultimately drove over 1.3M impressions. Christmas was definitely not cancelled, but celebrated in all it’s glory.