Aligning with Digital-First Talent to Maintain Brand Awareness

In response to the pandemic, ITB dressing client, Reiss, was looking for a solution to events being cancelled and stores closed. ITB acted swiftly to propose a digital gifting programme in order to maintain brand awareness and influencer momentum for Reiss. The rise of social media usage of 50% per household meant that digital-first talent would be key in continuing to grow brand awareness reaching existing and new audiences.

High Conversion Rate with Products Selling Out Online

ITB created a target list of existing talent who were brand fans & influencers who were a suitable fit as well as having the established capabilities of shooting great content at home. ITB gifted product through relationships with talent and their teams to encourage social media posts once gifts had been received. Placements were secured on 13 talent with 30 posts in total across Instagram and YouTube from talent including Tom Grennan, Perri Shakes-Drayton, Ashley Roberts, Myleene Klass, Niamh Algar, Frankie Bridge, Josh Cuthbert, Nadia Anya, Vogue Williams, Jim Chapman, Lorna(Symphony of Silk), Ali Gordon and Lydia Millen. A Reiss dress posted by Lydia Millen resulted in the item selling out online.

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