Privé Revaux

Driving e-commerce traffic through micro-influencer content

Prive Revaux tasked us with identifying and securing a high volume of organic micro-influencer gift recipients, who were agreeing to receive multiple gift drops in exchange for social content. The influencers must have had more than 10K followers and 5% engagement rate. The goal was to leverage  the micro-influencers’ genuine appeal to drive direct sales to Prive Revaux’s ecommerce site. In order to generate the most content possible, ITB worked with the brand to develop photogenic packaging to create an “unboxing” moment and provided a swipe up discount code for the influencers to pass to their friends and followers.

Spiking sessions and increased UGC

ITB secured nearly 60 micro-influencers for participation in an initial round of gifting, resulting in 132 pieces of content to date. Off the back of the program, the client saw a spike of 6,000 sessions of new users from social referrals. The client was impressed by the high quality of the content, with 24 posts featuring the brand in-feed.

Talent Gifted
Social Impressions
Social Media Value