Prive Revaux

Celebrity and Influencer Seeding Programme During the Pandemic

ITB have run a successful VIP dressing and gifting program for eyewear brand, Privé Revaux, since their launch in 2017 to shape the brand’s celebrity-driven narrative and further drive awareness for the brand. Since the pandemic, people have been forced to stay at home and consequently, screen time has seen a huge increase and so ITB was tasked with getting the Anti Blue Light frames – that protects wearers from eye strain from computer screens – and other Prive Revaux signature sunglasses into the homes and hands of high profile talent and influencers.

Securing Top Placements Achieving Maximum Awareness and Reach

Since Covid-19 forced the shut down of press tours, stage performances and other events in the first quarter of 2020, ITB leveraged our ‘little black book’ to send gift packages directly to the homes of talent. ITB secured placements on high profile talent such as Miley Cyrus and Camila Cabello amongst others that have resulted in a reach of 118M impressions across 4 months with an average of 5% engagement and more than 115 pieces of individual content produced.

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