IT Cosmetics

Connecting with New and Existing Brand Fans to Educate and Inspire

ITB began working with IT Cosmetics in 2019, tasked with developing and executing a VIP seeding programme to target new and existing audiences, including 35+, an audience harder to reach on social media. Through talent and influencers, the objective was to showcase product and inspire audiences. IT Cosmetics needed to build brand advocacy with talent in order to harness and grow loyal brand fans by generating organic and authentic social content as well as generating earned media by way of press mentions.

Making IT Cosmetics Famous in a Crowded Landscape

Currently, ITB has produced 100 social posts via Instagram stories, grid posts and IGTV features with major talent and influencers across the UK. An impressive 36% of talent who received product created content to post on social channels with an overall engagement rate of 18% demonstrating real cut through in a cluttered beauty market.

The campaign enabled ITB to identify a plethora of true brand advocates who engaged authentically and organically with the product on their platforms creating new relationships with IT cosmetics and desirable talent.

Increase in Total Estimated Impressions YOY
0 : 0
Frame Rate on Stories
Conversion Rate on Gifting