Eileen Fisher

Authentic and Cozy Holiday Campaign

Create a campaign that would help test new audiences and theories about the type of content and messaging that would resonate and help us further optimize the way we approach influencer marketing. The campaign coincided with the holiday season where we were to drive awareness, consideration and conversion of their winter sweater collection.

Trend-focused Approach to Millennial Fashion

Ten diverse fashion influencers were targeted and separated into two groups – core and core-adjacent ‘test group’.  The core group, those talent with strong existing affinity for the EILEEN FISHER brand, consisted of credible influencers with strong influence in to  sustainability.

The core-adjacent influencer – the group we tested to help extend audience – were drivers of conversation around topics like “capsule wardrobes”, tapping into identified trends in fashion of “high-quality”, “long-lasting” and “timeless” millennial fashion. Each group had slightly different deliverables, but all talent were encouraged to bring unique look and weave how EILEEN FISHER’s season-less collections fit seamlessly into their closets and personal values.

High Quality Content Driving Engagements, Clicks & Sales

From a performance perspective, the core-adjacent group was competitive with our core audience and were able to drive just as many engagements, clicks, and sales with HALF the potential audience size – showing us that a trend-focused approach to expanding audience potential was just as effective as engaging those with existing affinity for the brand.

Beautifully shot and curated Instagram carousels helped drive engagement rate and deep engagement such as content saves that showed strong future consideration of the brand. The partnership between EILEEN FISHER and the influencers increased engagement and overall positive sentiments towards the brand.

Combined Influencer Followers
Combined Engagement Rate
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