Sarah Flint

Cementing the Status of a Loyal Clientele

Female-founded footwear and accessories brand Sarah Flint has enlisted ITB for ongoing gifting and dressing initiatives. As a young female entrepreneur herself, Sarah Flint has grounded her program in support of women who inspire. Throughout our years working with Sarah Flint, ITB has developed relationships between the brand and their target talent including Amal Clooney, Kristen Stewart, Jane Fonda, Tamron Hall, Gabrielle Union and Ellen Pompeo.

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About Sarah Flint

Founded in 2013, Sarah Flint is a luxury shoe brand that believes women shouldn’t have to choose between feeling good and looking great. Working closely with heritage Italian shoemakers, we combine traditional techniques with modern innovations to create footwear that’s elegant on the outside and packed with comfort-driven design on the inside. Sarah Flint first launched at Barney’s, on ModaOperandi, and in a handful of other stores and retailers. The label thrived—and caught the attention of celebrities—but Sarah realized her brand had even greater potential as a direct-to-consumer business. In 2017, Sarah pulled her shoes from retailers and relaunched online, offering the same level of artisanal quality and original design, but for hundreds less than traditional luxury brands. Today, Sarah continues to use her vast knowledge of patternmaking and footwear history, her love of vintage fashion, and her deep connection to her customers to inform her designs.