MilkPEP x #GotMilkChallenge

Following the success of the work on the relaunch of the Got Milk campaign, Milk Pep engaged ITB to further capitalize on the viral campaign by seeking out new talent to activate a series of challenges showing off what is possible with milk. The two distinct challenges all launched in October and are still ongoing to continue to amplify the message around milk.

The first challenge designed for the talent was a dance challenge that was launched by the king of dance on Tik Tok himself, Jason Derulo. At the end of the challenge,  Jason asked his followers to show us their “Milk Move” to the track of his song ‘Take You Dancing’ and to pass it on. Derulo sent this challenge out to his nearly 40M TikTok followers earlier last week, and the challenge was amplified immediately by a network of other dance influencers on the platform, who had been previously organized by Dance On. In just 24 hours, Derulo’s video had already received more than 2 million views.

Simultaneously, the second milk challenge was launched – ‘The Epic Dunk Challenge’ – designed to encourage social media users to show off their most creative way of showing how they can dunk a cookie into their milk. This program was launched by two of the NBA’s preeminent basketball dunkers, Andre Drummond and Aaron Gordon who showed off their dunking skills at home from an impressive distance. The challenge was then amplified by Dude Perfect – the biggest trick shot group in the world –  who responded with three unique dunks of their own across all of their platforms that resulted in an additional 22M subscribers.

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