UN Women

Building Awareness Around Domestic Abuse During the Pandemic

In the wake of COVID-19, domestic violence was surging so UN Women and McCann Craft joined forces and tasked ITB to cast and secure a global name to be the voice of a PSA film in order to educate and urge people to support women in need of help.

Securing a Philanthropic A-List Celebrity to be the Voice of a PSA on the #ShadowPandemic

ITB secured the Academy Award-winning actor Kate Winslet and champion of many humanitarian causes, to narrate and bring to the forefront the issue of the “The Shadow Pandemic” in a public service announcement. The sixty-second film highlights the alarming upsurge in domestic violence with key stats during COVID-19 to raise alarm and deliver a vital message urging people to act to support women if they know or suspect someone is experiencing violence.

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Global Recognition

Aided by the star power of Kate Winslet’s voice and name, the #Shadow Pandemic PSA had a significant impact, particularly as it relied heavily on organic pick-up from media, social media and PR. It was viewed over 5 million times globally, distributed in over 20 countries, translated into more than 10 languages and the hashtag was used by over 22 million unique users.