Safilo Eyewear Group

ITB was engaged by Safilo Eyewear Group to implement a global VIP seeding strategy, gifting talent worldwide at key opportunities for exposure

The Safilo Group, a producer of eyewear for global designer brands such as Fendi, Jimmy Choo & Max Mara, enlisted ITB to provide VIP & Influencer services across a multitude of areas with the primary focus to build and develop direct relationships with the brand and increase brand visibility on a global scale.

ITB has worked with Safilo on an ongoing basis delivering VIP strategy for the brand. We leverage our longstanding relationships with talent and their representatives to deliver product directly into the hands of the right people. This includes seeding product with pre-existing client targets coupled with suggestons of new and brand relevant faces. We lean on our casting expertise to propose emerging talent on the cusp of big things whilst engaging diverse worlds and their resepective communities through various activations such as key red carpet moments and major film festivals like Cannes and Venice.

Genuine, loyal relationships are built for the brand with both established and emerging talent alike. Over the past six seasons ITB secured imagery of A-List talent such as Margot Robbie, Bradley Cooper, Julianne Moore, Dakota Fanning, John Legend & Dame Judi Dench to name a few.