IBM Watson

An All-Star cast of celebrity talent feature in the 'Watson' and 'Dear Tech' campaigns to highlight the specific capabilities of IBM's Watson software

IBM and Ogilvy scheduled production for a campaign featuring an open letter to the global tech industry and then decided to include celebrity talent with a connection to tech. Within a week, itb cast Janelle Monae, Mayim Bialik and Arianna Huffington. All contracts were fully negotiated before services were performed and IBM was also able to showcase the work at its annual THINK event.

We were previously challenged to find a way to showcase the AI capabilities of IBM’s Watson, beyond their primary B2B targets. We helped develop a campaign, to be led by celebrities appearing in TV spots in America and digital content which would be viewed globally.

We secured a number of high profile celebrities including Bob Dylan, Serena Williams, Stephen King, Sir Ridley Scott, Carrie Fisher, Ken Watanabe and Tom Watson. These commercials have aired during some of the biggest events, with the largest audiences, in American television, and

The spots have been viewed globally, each touting a different aspect of Watson’s services in a charming way that helped Watson appear almost human. The Bob Dylan spot has been viewed over 59 million times during the first two months. Mr. Watanabe’s work was especially featured in Japan.