Chivas Venture

Harnessing the Power of Talent to Foster Social Change

For five years ITB has worked with Chivas to secure leading global talent for the ‘Win The Right Way’ campaign, and The Venture – an annual global competition that gives away $1 million in no-strings funding to the hottest social start-ups from around the world.

Next-Gen Influencers in Music and Fashion feature alongside Global Stars

ITB has worked to secure talent for all aspects of the annual events, including hosts, competition judges and live performances, each chosen for their expertise, reach, values and passion. Talent engaged have included James Corden, Adrian Grenier, Oscar Isaac and Aloe Blacc (2015), Trevor Noah and Eva Longoria (2016), Josh Gad, Halle Berry, Javier Bardem and Don Cheadle (2017),, Richard Ayoade and Tom London (2018) and, most recently, Avengers star Zoe Saldana as the judge of the Chivas Venture 2019.

Start Ups Accelerated
No Strings Attached Funding

Global Reach in the Media

By harnessing the power of talent, ITB has assisted Chivas in creating true global awareness and helping shift the public’s attitude to business as a force for good – with a PR reach of over 1 billion people and more than 1 billion digital impressions to date.