Unilever Magnum x Miley Cyrus

Inspiring the World to Embrace their Many Layers

Unilever tasked ITB who worked alongside Golin and LOLA Mullenlowe to secure, contract and project manage a global superstar to collaborate with their brand, Magnum. In celebration of self-expression and indulgence for their latest global campaign, #ShowYourLayers, fans from around the world were encouraged to express their truest selves.

Exclusive Collaboration and Virtual 8D Concert ‘Miley In Layers’

ITB identified and secured Miley Cyrus as the perfect talent to be the face of Magnum’s digitally-led PR campaign, #ShowYourLayers, for her many layers that make her unique and her ability to proudly share these with the world. As an individual who shares the same values, Miley was contracted to promote the new Magnum Double Caramel Billionaire ice cream by showcasing the many layers of her personality via a virtual performance. Fans were granted access to limited edition headphones designed with 8D technology that gave them a multi-layered sound experience, giving the sensation of being in the same room. In addition to this, “Miley’s Touch” was released as a music video and a limited-edition Miley ice cream was launched.

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Viral Campaign

The Campaign was met with huge success, trending worldwide within hours of launch and fans created multiple fan accounts for the campaign. The campaign has 7 x more positive sentiment and 1.5 times more press that the previous campaign.