H&M Unwrap the Magic

Talent that oozes style and charisma

ITB were briefed with the task of securing 1x internationally known male talent who is fashionably cool. A talent who would be seen at the coolest parties and relevant in popular culture but also well respected within their field.

We knew this would be a fun but tricky task due to timelines being tight and the nature of talent wanted for the campaign.

Using strong industry relationships to ensure success

The client came to us with an initial list of talent they had envisioned for the campaign; some we explored and some we disregarded due to external factors such as conflicting deals, budget strains and genuine campaign fit. ITB was able to pivot and provide alternative culturally relevant suggestions that were not only attainable within the budget parameters but also expressive with their fashion choices.

Despite the world shifting back to ‘normal’, covid still managed to take its toll on this campaign; 3 days before the shoot the talent tested positive for Covid resulting in the the need for new talent. ITB pulled on relationships, had transparent conversation, and spoke to every big talent agency to make this work for the client. This is where Anderson Paak was able to save the day and it was a great fit, maybe even the better fit overall looking back.

Bringing festivity, joy and swag to the campaign

H&M was able to tap into the huge moment Anderson .Paak was having with Silk Sonic and the recent Grammy win. He encapsulates the spirit of festivity, enjoyment, and all things party. Styling and hero products weren’t something we could change with a week to the shoot, but he adapted – he brought his wigs and his swag and made it epic alongside style icon, Chloë Sevigny.