H&M Man Spring 2020

Building Affinity with Global Sports Superstars

H&M Man wanted to secure two inspirational global sports superstars to partner with for 2020’s spring collection for their ATL campaign video and in-store event who could capture a large global audience and resonate with audiences in the UK and US.

Securing High-Profile Sports Talent Who Bridge Fashion + Sport And Resonate Globally

ITB secured Britain’s premier football player, Raheem Sterling, who is well-regarded for his style by men across Britain previously being coined as “The World Cup’s best dressed players off the field”. Raheem was a perfect fit for the campaign because of his global recognizability and his ability to naturally bridge fashion and sport. For the US ITB secured D’Angelo Russell, who has acquired celebrity-like status for his athleisure streetwear dress sense and has trumped LeBron James by becoming known as the “NBA’s best dressed player”. With a respected, unique and strong personal sense of style, D’Angelo was the selected for his ability to influence as a fashion icon amongst men in the US.

Total Combined Reach
Total Talent Social Engagements
Markets Globally

Global Reach and Positive Sentiment

The campaign received much positive sentiment, especially from fans of the sports stars and with new and existing H&M consumers. The campaign featured in over 20 markets globally and across both talents’ social channels, H&M social/digital channel, ATL and OOO.

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