EE x Tom Ellis

Showcasing EE's Superior Technology to New Heights

Saatchi & Saatchi London tasked ITB to cast a male talent of stature, who is open to have his beard shaved by a robotic arm on top of the UK’s highest mountains controlled remotely by a barber via EE’s 5G network to appear in ‘A Close Yet Far Shave’ campaign. The brief for the talent was to be assisted by EE’s longstanding brand ambassador Kevin Bacon to highlight that when it counts, you can count on EE’s mobile network

Identifying and Securing a A Widely Recognisable UK Talent with Stature with Likeability

ITB set out identify and secure a widely recognisable talent in the UK who shared the same fun and irreverent tone of the brand and who could showcase a light-hearted relationship between themselves and the brand ambassador, Kevin Bacon. One of the casting requirements was the talent had to be able to shave off their beard and it not impact their acting work – for the sake of continuity – and also be recognisable with or without the beard. ITB identified Tom Ellis as the perfect match – known for his role in the hit tv shows ”Lucifer” and “Miranda” – as he provided a mainstream appeal for UK audiences and the perfect stubble to be recognisable on camera.

A Close and Clean Shave 729M above sea level

Tom Ellis received a shave 729M above sea level in Snowdon by a robot arm with accuracy down to less than one-tenth of a millimetre relying on EE’s real-life network to pull off this epic vision. This live network demonstration truly showcases EE’s performance as the UK’s best network for 4G and 5G and Ellis is revealed clean-shaven for the first time in 6 years. As Kevin Bacon states “When it counts, count on the UK’s best network.” In addition, Tom also participated in EE’s Five Finger challenge on Tik Tok generating over 15 Million views for the brand.