Since their first store opened in 1972, the Jaspal boutique has been at the forefront of the Thai fashion industry with a vision to deliver high-fashion, ready-to-wear clothing to consumers at an affordable price. Today, with more than 39 stores located throughout Thailand and three in Malaysia, Jaspal has become the first choice of fashion for discerning men and women.

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New Jaspal collections are launched regularly and are eagerly anticipated by the fashion industry. Jaspal also offer complete range of accessories from bags and shoes to belts and ties, each designed to compliment the Jaspal image.

Immaculate craftsmanship is a work culture at Jaspal. Their in-house design team selects only the best designer fabrics from around the world to create fashion items which are second-to-none in production quality, while combining international taster with local flair.

ITB work alongside Jaspal to secure and manage their programme for collaborations and partnerships. In a hugely competitive environment, Jaspal believe collaborations with Western brands and talent would give them cut-through compared to their competitors; generating buzz, newsworthy content and in-store ‘newness’.