Ben De Lisi

American British designer Ben De Lisi has become a staple of the UK high-street after 30 years in the business. Starting in his couture and RTW business when we first came to the UK, Ben quickly made a name for himself dressing the who’s who of UK film and television. He then became the most successful brand under the Debenhams brand and reinvented their home brand, Principles. Now he designs exclusively for QVC.

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Ben De Lisi, born and raised in Long Island, New York, studied sculpture at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and first showed a flair for fashion design when his grand-mother tough him to sew at a young age. In 1982 Ben moved to London, and made his debut at London Fashion Week in 1994 winning the British Glamour Designer of the Year award that year and the following. In 1998 Ben established his couture brand and made evening dresses for the likes of Helena Bonham Carter, Anjelica Huston and notably Kate Winslet for the acceptance of her first Academy Award, for best actress in Titanic. By 2009 Ben’s Debenhams collection, which started in 1992, had grown to be the most successful apparel brand in the store and was extending into homewares. Subsequent to this success, he was asked to redesign the Principles collection, new acquired by Debenhams. Following Ben’s redesign, Principles had the most successful launch Debenhams ever made. In 2016 Ben and Debenhams parted company after 24 years of collaboration. The next exciting chapter in Ben’s career sees him working on an full lifestyle brand exclusively for the shopping channel QVC. Under the Ben De Lisi brand, which goes on air in September, Ben has designed an extensive apparel collection, linking accessories and jewellery. The ethos of the collection is to offer women an opportunity to buy into a look that versatile, easy to wear and with Ben presenting directly to consumers, he will be able to exhibit to consumers how to get the most of the collection