The Times recently published a summary of our work for UK-based fashion label and client, Reiss, highlighting our contribution towards the successful shift in their brand perception over the last year. The article features placements ITB secured on high profile celebrities such as Stormzy and Gillian Anderson who have become fans of the on-trend High Street retailer. ITB worked with Gillian Anderson’s stylist to place her in a white velvet Reiss dress on the red carpet for the premiere of The Crown season 3 in LA, and as a consequence, enabled Reiss’ press team to secure this amazing feature in The Times this month.

“The Duchess of Sussex wears it. So does the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge (and Kates sister, Pippa, too). Gillian Anderson flaunts it on the red carpet. Even Stormy wears Reiss now. In a move that most brands can only dream of, he took to the stage in Reiss clothes at a charity gig in December.” – The Times

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