ITB in Conversation... (on the couch!) x Food for Thought: Cooking and Creative Content in the Wake of COVID-19

On May 6th we hosted the second instalment of our ‘ITB in Conversation (On The Couch!)’ series with a panel talk on cooking and creative content in the wake of COVID-19.

We brought together three culinary experts to share their thoughts on the phenomenal rise in interest in food during this time and how brands not typically operating in this space can create engaging and authentic content.

Our panel included Simon Rimmer – chef and co-host of Channel 4’s ‘Sunday Brunch’, Jeff Mauro – co-host of Food Network’s ‘The Kitchen’ and Anna Jones – cook, author and Guardian food columnist.

As Jeff shared during the conversation ‘Food is a connection to the consumer right now that resonates more than ever’ so we expect to see this interest in culinary content keep on growing. Chefs will still be the authorities in this space so as brands look to partner with experts in the field it’s key to consider who best represents the core identity of the brand in question and think about what that value that piece of content can add.

“There’s an air of liberation in being able to be more raw with content and I like it” – Simon Rimmer, Chef and Co-Host of Channel 4’s ‘Sunday Brunch

“There is a level of nostalgia people are engaging with, whether it’s making bread or cooking up a recipe their mum used to make. People want to do things that feel comforting” – Anna Jones, Cook, author and Guardian food columnist.

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