ITB Content Tips: How to Succeed on TikTok

ITB Content Tips: How to Succeed on TikTok

Here are some quick and simple tips to get ahead on TikTok:

1) Create quick and snappy content

Videos of around 10 – 17 seconds perform the best! Content should not be more than 20 seconds or less than 5 seconds to prevent from losing viewers’ attention.

2) Quality over quantity

TikTok rewards fun, entertaining and engaging video content with a narrative – a clear beginning, middle and end. The content should keep you hooked and have a big finish. Unlike Instagram stories, the content should tell more of a story.

3) Focus on a niche

Comedy was king in 2019 but this year other verticals such as beauty, pop culture, education and travel are on the rise and will be the new hype on TikTok. For example, Tiktok is experimenting with shoppable content to encourage more fashionistas and brands to join the platform. Think now about how your brand can leverage the platform whilst content in these verticals isn’t overly saturated yet.

4) Embrace creativity over trends

TikTok is all about creativity!TikTok is all about creativity! Trends should complement your content strategy not lead it. For example, five new hashtags are introduced every week so there is a big turn over and demand for new themed content to be produced, constantly challenging users to push themselves further creatively.

5) Consider your brand

Out of the five hashtags launched every week, pick the one that best speaks to your interests and brand. Showcasing your personality is key so there should be a clear and consistent aesthetic and tone of voice being shown on your channel that aligns with your overall brand values.

Good luck! ITB x

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