Bumble 'When Dating Met 2020' Campaign

Bumble UK tasked ITB to work alongside The Brooklyn Brothers to cast and secure a celebrity protagonist for their 2020 Holiday 90-second digital ad campaign ‘When Dating Met 2020’ that highlights the difficulties of dating during a global pandemic. ITB secured Helena Bonham Carter -currently starring in the latest series of the hit Netflix TV show, The Crown – to take centre stage in the campaign that saw her narrate a sequence of unfortunate lockdown related dating mishaps. The 90-second film begins with a young woman at Christmas dinner who is asked by her relatives why she doesn’t yet have a boyfriend. “Perhaps you’re just not trying hard enough,” her nan suggests. Helena responds later “The fact is you have been trying. And given the world is spinning on a whole new axis, anything can happen. So what are you waiting for?”

Helena also shared some of her own dating and relationship advice in a PR film for the brand. The film was pushed out on Bumble’s UK channels and the subsequent interest and press coverage meant it also created a buzz globally after being picked up by international media outlets. At present, the film has received just over half a million views on the Bumble UK YouTube channel.

Helena commented on the campaign saying “Women can often blame themselves but the fact is it’s been an impossible year. But impossibility is still the mother of creativity and there are still ways to meet people online. I have friends who have hit 35 and think they need to get a man or have a baby but people should just quit putting those goal posts on themselves. Everybody develops at a different rate, just as babies learn to walk at different ages. I’m nearly 55 and I still haven’t grown up.”

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