bareMinerals Influencer + Gifting Programme 2020

ITB began working with bareMinerals – a leader in clean beauty – earlier in 2020 to develop and execute a strategic digital influencer campaign and organic seeding program to target a new audience of fans who transcend traditional beauty. Through talent and influencer activations across social media, the objective was to showcase the sustainability and clean beauty history of the brand as well as to continue to build brand advocacy with influencers in order to continue to grow their loyal fan base.

For the launch of two new products, SKIN LONGEVITY and STRENGTH + LENGTH, ITB secured a long list of talent across the US and the UK to share the unique benefits of the products, to showcase bareMinerals as a leader in clean/vegan skincare and reinforce the bareMinerals ethos of ‘the power of good’ messaging – to become more sustainable and help empower people globally. Influencers secured included including Estee La Londe, Kiitan Akinniranye, Jasmine Ricks, Tennille Murphy, Jaci Marie Smith, Mariko Kuo and Jada Sezer, to name but a few.

ITB also built and executed a targeted programme of influencer seeding the initiative that has enlisted an ever-growing number of clean beauty advocates such as entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso, celebrity stylist Tara Swennen, actress Christa Allen and many more who have engaged authentically and organically with the brand and products on their platforms.

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