'This is Happening' Campaign
Rights Clearance

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The Brief

Lucky Generals created an online film to showcase that Twitter is an extraordinary place, where amazing stuff is happening all the time - from breaking news to celebrity gossip, serious campaigning to entertainment. Dancing was the chosen theme in order to engage with a demographic of 20-something women and ITB helped to secure and clear related content.


Casting and Securing

With an extremely tight deadline of two weeks ITB secured a variety of content: from Pharrell William's tweet in support of a man that was body shamed while dancing, a clip of Jon Snow dancing like Drake through the Channel4 News studio and finally a clip of a grandmother dancing for joy when meeting Barack and Michelle Obama in the White house.

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The Results

In addition to the launch film, Lucky General then really brought the idea to life with a #keepdancing hashtag, emoji and "GIF party" on the platform. Thousands of people, from Jamie Oliver to Monica Lewinsky, created dancing GIFS and generated millions of impressions.